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    1. Terri Cerutti says:

      We really want to come to hear you play in LA so I will be following your calendar . We get to California on October 31 and would like to visit LA before Christmas – accomplish two things – hear you play and visit our relatives .
      I really like this website- nice job .
      Terri Cerutti

      • John Pramuk says:

        Thanks for the great set at the SF accordion club this last Sunday. We look forward to you playing at Cotati this summer . I’ll try to get as many Jazz fans to the show as possible. The awareness of Jazz accordion seems to be expanding as the fans realize it doesn’t begin and end with Van Damme.
        John Pramuk

    2. Hello dear Frank. Nice web site. Congratulation

    3. Terry Wolff says:

      Hi Frank,

      Enjoyed your playing at Vibrato Jazz Club. Are you playing this Wed. 12/4 at Squashed Grapes in Ventura?

    4. Hello Frankie, I just became aware of your Web Site, Great Sounds.
      Steve and Joann and I was in Cedar grove last week end, And your name came up.
      It sure did bring back some good memories
      You sure are looking good, take care.
      God Bless
      Ken K.

    5. Bob Page says:

      I hope to hear you perform again soon. We really appreciated your recent visit to the San Diego Accordion Club (ALSI). Many good sounds that really helped promote your music and the accordion too! Bob Page-

    6. Lino Caputo says:

      Where can I buy your CD Totally Frank?

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