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  1. Jean Urry says:

    Fantastically Frank web site!!! Love the pics, audio and video. I’d love to hear you and Cesar Mateus Sextet live someday.

    • frank says:

      Jean, thanks so much. That would be great. Someday, I want to come out to your neck of the accordion woods and visit the Chicago Accordion club action with all those accordion playing mobsters like Stas, John and you too. Im going to miss Blakely this year too, so I need to find away to see to make up for that and missing Baltimore which was really disappointing. Hope all is well with you and long live Zorch of course.

  2. Angelo says:

    Frank great playing, I,m a professional accordion player in Abq, New Mexico also. Love your style, clean and beautiful changes. How do i buy your new CD? Also is there any chance of getting a photo of you, It would be an honor to hang it with my other photos.

  3. Zelde Malevitz says:

    Hiya Frank,

    I’m on your mailing list but have not received anything, otherwise I would have been at Mambo’s! Would love to get a copy of your CD! Frank was and always will be a friend and inspiration! I keep his signed photo in my practice area!

    with music, and thanks, Zelde

  4. I’m Neil from The Mighty Groove band. We have a gig in Cotati, CA on the night of 8/17; right in the middle of the accordion festival weekend. We love putting on a good show, and in the spirit of the festival we’re reaching out to see if you’d consider coming to our show and sitting in on a couple of songs. The venue is the Redwood Café, starting at 9pm.A fun evening is guaranteed.

    • frank says:

      Hi Neil,

      Hey, I really appreciate the offer and it sounds great but unfortunately I have a gig in Berkeley that Saturday night. My youngest son is the manager of a restaurant in Berkeley and since I’m coming up with a quartet, they booked us for a couple of sets there. I dig the name of your band as for me it’s all about the groove…. Have a good gig.

  5. Diane says:

    Frank, I really loved hearing you at the Cotati festival. I am a big fan of Frank Marocco and it was wonderful to hear your tribute to him. You were great!!! Thanks for coming to Cotati!

  6. Diane says:

    Frank, Thanks so much for the CD. What a nice surprise! and on my birthday!! I am listening to it right now.
    Your group was the highlight of the festival for me. I had seen Frank M. the last time he performed at Cotati and it was wonderful to hear his influence in your playing. You really are an excellent accordionist and jazz sounds so great on the accordion. You are all wonderful musicians.
    Thanks for your music.

  7. Glenn Miller says:

    Hi Frank! I love your playing and would like to order your cd! How do I order one please? Sincerely, Glenn Miller @ thank you!

  8. gary dahl says:

    Hello Frank

    You are performing the accordion the way it should be to take advantage of its orchestral capabilities.

    Now if you could just join a top country group and out solo anyone in the band the accordion will soar to the top of popularity again. (chuckle) btw, it is the only way …I’m working on Cory to do it and flush jazz but more than one is needed.



  9. garydahl says:

    Hi Frank

    I have a score for Day in the Life of a Fool I’d like to send you but where is your email listing?


    • frank says:

      Gary, Thanks for thinking of me. That’s a great tune and I’d really enjoy seeing and playing your score.

      My email is Again, thanks for the generosity as that’s a nice surprise and a gesture to get something from someone of your caliber.

      Hey, in response to the older message which frankly, just slipped through the cracks as life as been throwing out some curve balls lately. Your idea is probably a good one about joining a country group and out solo the guitar pickers. But, unfortunately, I’m not a country kind of guy and I don’t think I would have the right kind of energy for the solos. I have to play what I enjoy now and I’m a big fan of the Standards and I like latin grooves with the accordion a lot. Thanks for the idea. Good luck with Cory on that one too. I don’t see that happening either. Thanks for dropping in on my website. Much appreciated. Frank

  10. Bob Page says:

    Frank: I am delighted with your music. Keep it up for you are going in the right direction with the accordion. I feel that you are destined to take the instrument much farther into the jazz music scene. You are adding to the popularity and excitement that seems to be growing in the accordion world as well. I am a great fan of Frank Marocco and can hear his guiding hand in your musical development but you do have your distinct sound and it is very smooth, melodic and expressive. I publish the newsletter for the San Diego Accordion Club (ALSI) and plan to feature you in a coming issue. Please keep me advised of any bookings near us and it will be posted in our newsletter. Also, I would like one of your CD recordings. Are they still available? Best regards, Bob Page-

    • frank says:


      Thanks for the very nice message. I really appreciate it. Your comments were thoughtful and I see that get it. It’s a difficult road to developing but I continue to be mentored by some great musicians and that’s one of the keys for me. I’d be more than happy to send you a couple of CD’s and you can give some away at the San Diego Club. If you book performers, definitely contact me as I would love to come down to San Diego to play as it’s close and convenient. I’ll send you an email so you can give me a mailing address. Thanks again…..

  11. Rim Kasputis says:

    Hello Mr. Petrelli,
    My name is Rim Kasputis (Bio and Promo materials on Kasputis
    I am currently working on recording a few jazz influenced tunes for possible release next year. It is a small project (500 cds). I play the accordion/piano and trumpet – but would like a style other that my own on the accordion. I was wondering if you would have interest/time on your visit to Michigan to spend a few hours recording with me and possibly some other reputable local musicians. What would your charge be? I couId provide transportation as well. I am looking forward to your May 20th appearance here. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Rim Kasputis. Cel Phone: 734 578 5382.

  12. James Ulmer says:

    Buon giorno, Frank — I just finished listening to your WONDERFUL rendition of “Emily” and was quite blown away — and played on a beautiful Beltuna, too! (I just became the proud owner of one about 6 months ago) . I’m a journalist, author and most passionately an ACCORDION PLAYER and accordion student here in Los Angeles, studying with the delightful Dave Caballero for a bit over 2 years=(I played piano for 15 years when I was a kid back in Iowa– 40 years ago!–, and come from a musical family– Dad was a concertmaster/science professor and my sister taught at the New England Conservatory). I was also a huge admired of the late great Frank Morocco and it was terrific to read of your long and deep association with the maestro…

    And so I have a question for your Frank: Perhaps — just perhaps — you may know of an advanced teacher here in the LA area I can work with, and/or find an accordion partner to duet with? I am EXTREMELY EAGER and my level is, i would suppose, advanced — I play Dance of the Commedians up to speed — and am working on the Gary Dahl Chord Melody series of books as well as various solo pieces. Also, I try to practice 2-3 hours per day if at all possible. I also like doing my own arrangements on the pieces I learn.

    I live in Pacific Palisades but can travel providing it’s reasonably local. Could you share any of your tribal wisdom about possible teachers? It’s extremely hard to find anyone on the West side — I’ve been looking for quite a while — so I have resigned myself to traveling to take lessons! Sometime I will get my courage up to enter competitions.

    Also — and very importantly! — I read of your close connection with Castelfidardo, which I plan to attend this September (not as a contestant et, but hopefully next year?) I speak Italian pretty fluently so I hope to be able to get around okay when I’m there. Might I be able to take you our to lunch sometime to discuss the festival and your experiences? I will be traveling with a documentary film producer (she worked for a long time at PBS) who is working on a documentary on Castelfidardo and some of the people there, so you might be a very helpful “consultant” in this regard. Would you be interested?

    At any rate, I have run on far too long but wanted to share with you how excited I was to read about you and your accomplishments just from a Google search and from the AAA. Please, if you can shed any light on advanced teachers in the LA area AND/OR on Castelfidardo, I will be happy to take you wherever you’d like for lunch — a bribe, I know, but a heart-felt one.

    Best to you,

    James Ulmer
    (310) 779-9389

  13. Hi Frank. I used to play some trio gigs with you in the 70’s Glad to see you’re still in the game. So am I…drop by my site if you have a sec. Ciao

  14. Simone Baron says:

    Hey there Frank!
    I’m a recent graduate in piano from Oberlin Conservatory, but have been getting into playing jazz accordion a lot recently, arranging a lot of brazilian/cuban/latinish/piazzolla tunes for the squeezebox and strings/combos lately.
    I hear you’re playing in DC tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m only getting into town late tomorrow night and am wondering if you happen to stick around anyway, if you’d be interested in meeting?
    Cool, hoping to hear from you- and best of luck!

  15. Brian Sims says:

    Hi Frank –
    I “vaguely” remember the days when you were at SkyTrails at Van Nuys airport . . . Great job then and glad to see you stayed with it all these years.
    Hope all is well!

  16. Lino Caputo says:

    Just wondering where can I buy a copy of your CD?

  17. June Zahradnik says:

    Dear Mr. Petrilli
    You asked me to e-mail you after we met after the concert at the Lisle Hyatt on 7/25 so you could mail me a free copy of your CD since none were left. It is so very nice if you to do this for me. Your quartet’s Latin Jazz brought back memories of good times for me in Miami Beach! Many thanks for your special kindness from your newest-and probably oldest- fan June Zahradnik 2S511 Burning Trail, Wheaton IL 60189-5941

  18. Debbie says:

    Hi Frank,
    I received your info from Reno. We’re doing a fashion show inspired by Capri, Italy and would like to have an accordion provide the music. Our event is next Friday evening.

    If you’re interested, please email back and let’s schedule a time to meet. Also, let me know your rate.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Lee

  19. Ron Papaleo says:

    Hey Frank,
    Love your sound. I just purchased a Petosa acordion and found you through their website. Can’t get enough of your playing. You are a true inspiration. Can’t wait to get started practicing on my new box. Just wondering—-what model are you using on your Youtube video of “Wave” which was posted on 11-3-15?

  20. Scott Strayer says:

    Hi Frank,
    Because I didn’t have a business card yesterday, I figured I’d give you my contact info through your website.
    Scott Strayer
    Cell 650-464-1156

    Yesterday’s SFAC gig was very fun for me. I hope we can do it again some time in the future.


  21. matt sidoti says:

    hi frank

    are you available on 10/14? afternoon anaheim thx

  22. Buddy Bailey says:

    Hi Frank,
    I actually used to be a good player but that stroke really took a toll.
    I hope to keep getting a little better as time goes on.
    I have a friend who is a great jazz guitarist and we could jam at my house in porter ranch. I also have a pool table and like to play with friends I also have a friend who is a great bass player.
    Do you ever have time during the day to jam or play pool, etc?
    My friends are both retired, and so am i.
    My home # is 747-300-2565
    My daughter Tiffany is a great jazz singer and is doing a lot of gigs.
    I would invite her over at a jam for her to hear you play.

    • frank says:

      Hey, I do have time for playing during the week. I also have a studio for rehearsal and recording in Chatsworth that is close to you. Let’s do it. I’m looking to play with other good players as much as possible.
      I enjoy playing pool too for that matter.
      Thanks much!

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