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Frank Petrilli was born and still lives in Los Angeles, California. He started playing the accordion at age 7 and by age 16 was playing professionally. As the popularity of the accordion declined in the US, Frank switched to playing Hammond B3 Organ and the saxophone for about 15 years. In 2006, he returned to the accordion and started playing with the César Mateus Latin Jazz Band at many jazz venues throughout the Los Angeles area.

In late 2006, Frank began intensive study with the great jazz accordionist Frank Morocco which quickly evolved into a very close friendship. By virtue of their close relationship and mutual love of jazz, Frank Petrilli became Frank Morocco’s protégé and Frank Morocco often commented that Frank Petrilli was like the son he never had. Unfortunately, this relationship ended far too soon with Frank Morocco’s untimely passing on March 3, 2012. Later that year at the end of summer, Frank performed at the Fif Castelfidardo festival which is one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe.

As Frank Petrilli’s reputation grew as an excellent player in the jazz community, he began performing frequently in the Los Angeles area with renowned artists such as guitarist John Chiodini. With these artists, Frank has been regularly featured at top venues such as “Herb Albert’s” club called Vibrato Jazz and Grill. Frank also performed at many of the major accordion festivals and clubs in the US including the 2011 AAA Festival in Charleston, SC, the San Francisco Accordion Club (several times), and the Cotati Accordion festival in the summer of 2013.

In October of 2011, Frank appeared on the TV series Mad Men. In May of 2012, he was invited to play in the spot that Frank Marocco had been scheduled for as a featured performer at the Accordion competition in Kiev, “Accofestival 2012.” Frank was also one of the judges for the jazz portion of the competition. Immediately following the competition in Kiev, he performed at the Frank Marocco Memorial Concert in Castelfidardo, Italy with many other stars of the accordion world. Frank’s debut CD, “Totally Frank,” produced by Elke Ahrenholz of “Artist Signed Records”, was recorded in Italy during this trip. Accompanying Frank on this CD were three celebrated Italian musicians, Felice Del Gaudio, Mas Ferri and Fabio Zeppetella. In this CD you will definitely hear the influences of Frank Marocco, however Frank Petrilli plays his own style which includes more focus on Latin grooves.

2014 will be a busy one for Frank as he will be performing in April, via the invitation of Joe Petosa, at the Northwest Accordion Society in Seattle. In May, he will be playing for the Michigan Accordion Society, and in July Frank will be one of the headliners of the ATG Festival in San Francisco. In September, Frank will perform for the Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society.   Also, in December the San Diego Accordion Club invited Frank to play on the 12th of the month with a trio.  Of course, Frank will continue to play locally in Los Angeles as the “Frank Petrilli quartet at numerous jazz venues.

As the booking agent and artistic director of the Vibrato Jazz Club, Pat Senator wrote, “Like his mentor, Petrilli gives new life to the accordion with impeccable phrasing and a smooth, fluid style. You will enjoy the music stylings of Frank’s accordion, both in concert and on his CD, and can expect some very good music coming from him in the future.



  1. Cindy says:

    Love your website, will visit it often. You look great!

  2. Bruce Lawrie says:

    Hi Frank,
    Let me know how to order the CD. I would love to get one.

    • frank says:

      Hey Bruce, Nice to hear from you. No need to order anything. This is a non-profit enterprise and I’d be more than glad to give one to you. I’ll send it to the address in the FMAE roster. If that’s not correct, let me know. Hope all is good with you and take care. Frank

  3. Jessica says:

    I love you, your family, and your music! I’m excited for the CD to become a staple in the car and the apartment. xoxo

  4. Angelo says:

    Frank I’ve already posted on one of the other pages but had to say this. Mr Marocco would have been so proud of you with your new CD and your career. I was so impressed with you answering your own E-mail to me, real professional touch. Good luck with all your ventures. By the way if you are ever in Alb.,New Mexico I would love to meet you and maybe jam a little. I play the new Roland FR-7x V Accordion.
    Best of luck Frank

  5. Hello Frank:

    I would like to order the CD.

    I did not you that you were such a great accordionist.

    Best regards from Brazil,


  6. Joan Grauman says:

    I love your website — it’s really well formatted, easy to navigate and the photos and videos are terrific! It has been a blast spending 7 + years with you at our camp: listening to you play that first year and thinking you were superb, and then hearing you get better and better each year, AND I’ve really enjoyed the wonderful friendship Dan and I have shared with you and Juli!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Check for the April, 2013 news. My article on you should be up there on April 1.


  7. Dear Frank,

    I am with the Silicon Valley Accordion Society. We meet the first Sunday of the month at Harrys Hofbrau in San Jose, CA and during our meeting we have a Featured Performer of professional quality as a highlight. I realize you are in the LA area but if you plan to be in our area we would like to have you play for us.

    I am scheduling 2014 Players at this time. January and March are gone so far. If you are interested please reply to me and what your costs will be for a one hour performance. Our audience is older and mostly Italians. We are set up Concert style with 60-80 typically.
    Ken Caple, President SVAS cell: (408) 892-2760

  8. Ron says:

    Need your cd – how do I find it?

  9. James Ulmer says:

    Buon giorno, Frank — I’m a journalist, author and most passionately an ACCORDION PLAYER and accordion student here in Los Angeles, studying with the delightful Dave Caballero for a bit over 2 years (I played piano for 15 years when I was a kid back in Iowa, 40 years ago, and come from a musical family — my dad was a concertmaster and scientist, and my sister taught at the New England Conservatory). Anyway, as a huge admirer of the late great Frank Morocco I was thrilled to see your long and deep association with the maestro….and so I have a question for you. Perhaps — just perhaps — you may know of an advanced teacher here in the LA area I can work with, and/or find an accordion partner to duet with? I am EXTREMELY EAGER. I own a beautiful Beltuna Leader accordion and my level is, i would suppose, advanced — I play Dance of the Commedians up to speed — and am working on the Gary Dahl Chord Melody series of books as well as various solo pieces. Also, I try to practice 2-3 hours per day if at all possible. I also like doing my own arrangements on the pieces I learn.

    I live in Pacific Palisades but can travel providing it’s reasonably local. Could you share any of your tribal wisdom about possible teachers? It’s extremely hard to find anyone on the West side — I’ve been looking for quite a while — so I have resigned myself to traveling to take lessons! Sometime I will get my courage up to enter competitions.

    Also — and very importantly! — I read of your close connection with Castelfidardo, which I plan to attend this September (not as a contestant et, but hopefully next year?) I speak Italian pretty fluently so I hope to be able to get around okay when I’m there. Might I be able to take you our to lunch sometime to discuss the festival and your experiences? I will be traveling with a documentary film producer (she worked for a long time at PBS) who is working on a documentary on Castelfidardo and some of the people there, so you might be a very helpful “consultant” in this regard. Would you be interested?

    At any rate, I have run on far too long but wanted to share with you how excited I was to read about you and your accomplishments just from a Google search and from the AAA. Please, if you can shed any light on advanced teachers in the LA area AND/OR on Castelfidardo, I will be happy to take you wherever you’d like for lunch — a bribe, I know, but a heart-felt one.

    Best to you,

    James Ulmer
    (310) 779-9389

  10. Dan says:

    Do you do any skype lessons?

    • frank says:


      At this time I’m not teaching and basically just don’t have the time to spend teaching at this time. If I ever do, I’m sure I’ll post sometime, in the meantime if you let me know where you are, I might be able to give you a good referral, especially if you are looking to play the same genre as I do. My personal email address is Thanks for the inquiry.

  11. David M says:

    This site and your story are fantastic. I love the photos, the Bio, and your samples. You are an inspiration to me. I will be back to check for updates.

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